Etna Tours

Explore the wonders of Mount Etna on our cycling and walking tours, as you navigate through beautiful terrain and breathe in the fresh air. Our Etna tours are perfect for both beginners and experienced cyclists and we take pride in ensuring safety as well as providing an unforgettable experience. 

Etna Tours, discover Mount Etna with our tours

Geo Travel offers a walking and cycling tour on Mount Etna, Sicily’s iconic volcano. The Etna tours lets you explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Etna Natural Park. The volcanic landscape with its craters, lava streams, and ash valleys provides a unique environment to hike and cycle through. The tours includes visits to ancient lava caves, small villages, and vineyards, where you can taste the local wine. This tours are an excellent opportunity to experience the beauty of Mount Etna while being active and immersed in nature.